Aug 202010

Seekers Coffeehouse, Middleburg Hts, OH

Traveling and playing guitar – a tour- day 4.

I think this could be a wonderful existence if the performances would support the lifestyle, but so far that hasn’t been evident to me. Luckily I have a well paying day-job that allows me to stay in a hotel as opposed to a van so I’m not feeling too bitter.

The gig in Pittsburgh netted me a few email addresses and $5 – not enough to buy a burrito or gas for the car to get to Cleveland. I did make some good connections and I think that is one of the things that touring and playing live do – connect you to real people. The web is nice, but in order to do what the music is really intended to do, you need to get out of the house.

So here I am in Ohio ready to play at Seekers Coffeehouse and ready to make some real time connections. I did a lot of PR for this gig and I’m hoping it will bring in some people.

  • I sent out two sets of postcards
  • emailed my Ohio list
  • Facebook follows of friends from High School
  • started to follow people in Cleveland on Twitter and establish relationships
  • sent a press release to the local paper in the Cleveland suburbs
  • asked people to bring friends
  • contacted the local college radio

I did not get any radio coverage on this gig, but I did get an article in the local paper. The suburbs around Cleveland have a newspaper called the Sun News which I delivered when I was a kid. It comes out once a week and reports on the happenings of Berea, Brook Park and Middleburg Hts. Here’s a link to the article as reported by Susan Ketchum. I got a few people in because of the article, so the press does work once in a while.

Seekers is located on a strip of shops next to a larger shopping area in a suburb of Cleveland. It’s in a location that, unless you intended to go there, wouldn’t be a place that people just drop in to. Therefore I had to make sure people showed up. I did my best and I’m sure I could have done more, but I ended up getting 30 plus people in seats, sold a bunch of CDs and got email addresses. All in all a good return for my effort, but would it get me to my next gig?

The audience was great at Seekers and I saw people there that I haven’t seen in ages. Some friends I had expected to show were not there, but then those vacancies were filled by people that I did not expect. I guess that’s how these things play out. I would drive myself crazy if I were to expect people to be at gigs, so I’m grateful for whoever shows up.

Check out some videos from the show and let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion of: Rustbelt Tour, 2010!