Aug 062011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something about the new CD and I blame Congress. Well, everything is Congress’s fault these days, so why not blame them for this as well?

I look back on the posts that have been about this new CD project and the funny thing is that NONE of the songs I’ve mentioned in the the previous “Diary…” posts are on the CD line-up. This album has take a turn for the dark country ballad and will probably go down in history as marking my black and blue period of songwriting. I found myself wanting to tell stories about about the things that form our chains ~ the chains that bind ~ and the heaviness of this life. Since the last post, which was on June 6, I’ve written three new songs specifically for this CD and one of those songs was inspired by the working title of the CD: Big Texas Sky.

So, where do I stand as of now? I have the first draft of the songs recorded and on a demo CD that I am listening to and will use for musicians that will come in to record specialty parts. I need to fill out the instrumentation with a pedal steel, fiddle and some piano; all of which I do not play very well. Also, I think I would hate to produce an album that had only me playing ~ a kind of musical masturbation… ewww. The biggest hurdle that I’ve crossed thus far is deciding on the track list. I did a lot of internal wrangling about how many songs I wanted to place on the album an decided that I should limit the line up and release a shorter set. The track list stands now at 7 songs: a little more than an EP, but fewer than what constitutes a modern full length album. When one looks back at the album from the vinyl era, 7-9 songs was an album!

So as a sneak preview of the CD, I will let you look at my mock-ups of the cover and the back. I will hand these over to a professional graphic artist as a starting point and hopefully they will improve upon the ideas. In the mean time, let me know what you think so far.


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