Dec 072013

As I sat down to write this year’s Christmas song I rummaged through the attic in my brain for topics. I just couldn’t seem see past the boxes of junk filled with how much our family has endured in the past few years – snow storms, hurricanes, and too many friends and family gone.

I think one of my favorite Christmas songs is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and it’s use of the word ‘muddle’. I recall many Holiday seasons where I muddled through and I think that this 2013 season will be that for many in our neck of the woods. But we’ll get through because we’ll still go through the motions albeit with a few gaping holes here and there.

“Christmas With You” is not a song about a specific time or place or person. We could be missing distant friends, children away at college, service men and women and this song will still hit the mark.

Peace to you all this season -

We Choose Love!




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Christmas With You

The snow’s fallin’ down like angels tears
On a winter’s night like the one’s we shared for so many years
But now you’ve gone so far, so far away from me
And this time of year just ain’t the same as it used to be

I’ll light the candles and place them in my windows
Like a star for the Kings they’ll help you find your way back home
And I’ll think of moments lost
Like our breath when it turns to frost

I’m closing up my presents with ribbons and rue
And I dream about spending Christmas with you

I keep our old traditions close to my heart
I still trim the tree, light a fire, even though we’re apart
I pour a glass of wine and toast some cheer
And somehow, I seem to muddle through, even though you’re not here

I’ve written out my last card and put them all in the mail
I’m not sure if the one I wrote to you will ever find your door
I wait for one last kiss
Under the mistletoe I make a wish

I sing a few notes of a carol we both knew
And I dream about spending Christmas with you


Darryl Gregory ~ Vocals, guitar
Wendy Delson ~ Cello
Beth Obstgarten ~ Side Vocals
Dec 172011

… as if we need more holiday music.

For some reason I love this niche genre of music and I find it a challenge to write in this genre. That said, there are certain things that go into a good holiday song and I tried to shove them all into this one.

Let’s see if you can identify all the aspects of a typical holiday/Christmas song that I jammed into this nugget:

  1. the sound of sleigh bells – always an indicator that this is a seasonal/winter/holiday song
  2. quoting other well known holiday songs – in this case I quote ‘Jingle Bells’ AND in the guitar solo I quote ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ AND I quote the lyrics to ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’
  3. allude to a holiday movie – in the bridge section I make an attempt to conjure the scene from “A Christmas Story” when the parents are sitting on the couch having a glass of wine after Ralphie and his brother have finally gone to bed
  4. any mention of snow, ribbons, mistletoe or other seasonal paraphernalia
  5. finally, a child’s voice over  - I love those ’60s and 70′s country songs that have kids voices in them like Ray Stevens’ ‘Everything is Beautiful’
Thanks for listening ~
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Happy Holidays

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Christmas Time
At home with the family
Hiding presents underneath the tree
Ain’t no place I’d rather be
At Christmas timeGot a bunch of songs to sing
The old carols, a few new things
Can’t wait to see what Santa brings
At Christmas time
It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time
Peace on Earth good to men
Sharing love with family and friends
I hope this feeling never ends
At Christmas time
The snow is falling gently
On this peaceful silent night
I pour you another glass of wine
Drink a toast to the season
As we sit in the firelight
Nothing could be better
Nothing could be better than Christmas Time
Kids are waiting quiet as mice
Didn’t need to ask them twice
If they’ve been naughty or nice
At Christmas timeUnwrap another box of cheer
Throw the ribbons over here
Mistletoe kisses suddenly appear
At Christmas time
It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time
Peace on Earth good to men
Sharing love with family and friends
I hope this feeling never ends
At Christmas time

It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time

Jingle Bells…